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RT bioRich Talarico is an Emmy nominated, American Comedy Award Nominated and Peabody Award winning writer and co-producer for  Comedy Central’s “Key & Peele.


Key & Peele Writers – Rich Talarico, Ian Roberts, Jordan Peele, Rebecca Drysdale, Alex Rubens, Phil Jackson,           Keegan-Michael Key, Charlie Sanders, Colton Dunn. (not pictured Jay Martel)

Rich also serves as a staff writer for “Review with Forrest MacNeil” on Comedy Central. Previously, Rich has written/produced FOX’s ”Mad TV, NBC’s Saturday Night Live, NBC’s “The Tonight Show w. Jay Leno”,  ”Frank TV for TBS, co-produced The Naked Trucker and T-Bones Show for Comedy Central & “The Sketch Pad” for HBO. Rich recently directed “CC Social Scene” a sketch/improv series for Comedy Central Digital, hosted by Paul Scheer.


Rich took his first improv class from Stephen Colbert at Chicago’s Second City Theater in 1992; went on to tour with Second City’s National Touring Company and later co-created five original sketch comedy revues with SC’s etc., and Main Stage Companies.

Psychopath SC

SC, 1999 – TJ Jagodowski, Stephnie Weir, RT, Susan Messing, Kevin Dorff, Tami Sagher

Rich was also involved at Improv Olympic, Chicago (Now iO) under the direction of Charna Halpern and the late, Del Close. Rich played on the Improv Olympic house teams “Mr. Blonde” and “Faulty Wiring” – co-created the long-form improv shows “Strap Heads”“Trio”“Close Quarters” and Dasariski - appeared in the scripted shows “Hamlet The Musical” and “The Roof is on Fiddler.” and played with the early casts of the long running Armando Diaz Experience, Theatrical Movement and Hootenanny.”












Armando Diaz Experience, Theatrical Movement and Hootenanny – 1995


Mr. Blonde – 1993

Rich has appeared in several TV commercials, most notably A&W Rootbeer’s “Mr. Dumass”.  Rich also appeared in small roles on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien”, “Early Edition”“What About Joan?” and the feature film “High Fidelity”.


Dasariski – Bob Dassie, Rich Talarico, Craig Cackowski              Photo By Kevin McShane.

Rich can be seen performing long-form improv every Tuesday Night at the iO WEST Theater in Hollywood at 10:30pm and at improv and comedy festivals all over with Bob Dassie and Craig Cackowski in “Dasariski“.


Rich teaches classes in both Improv and Sketch Comedy Writing. Rich has led workshops in San Francisco, Boston, Austin, Toronto, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Chapel Hill, St. Louis, Chicago, Los Angeles and NYC.  Contact Rich to bring him to your theater or festival or troupe.


“Rich’s workshop was the first to sell out at this year’s festival and is considered a ‘must take’ at any festival he attends.”

     - Chris Moody Producer - Detroit Improv Festival

“Rich Talarico is one of the funniest and most inspiring human beings on the planet. As a teacher, his techniques and insights help you to become the best improviser you can be, in a very calm, cool and collected way.”

     – Kevin Patrick Robbins Artistic Director - Impatient Theater Co., Toronto

“Rich is one of those rare people who not only loves to teach, but also wants to learn from his students. His passion and respect for improv as an ever-evolving art form is infectious. Also, he’s a shitload of fun.”

     – Amy Rhodes - Student, The Way Of Improv

“After many years of studying and performing improv, Rich’s class was the one that really cleared up my approach to scenework. I left his class feeling confident and having many tools at my disposal to instantly create stronger scenes. The surprising thing is how very simple these ideas are.”

     – Steve Halasz - Student, The Way Of Improv


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