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Review with Forrest MacNeil Season 2 is rolling along.  I visited the set last night to see Forrest’s Childhood home…


We had an onset table read…


And here’s a few stills from a recent shoot featuring yours truly… (video stills by Nate Young)





The Way of ImprovWith Rich Talarico

Take away the pressure of having to think up the entire premise of your scene before you initiate. That’s not improv, that’s invention.
Improv is about cooperation and discovery. Abandon the “flame thrower method” of starting a scene.
Learn the “two-sticks rubbing together method” to light the fire of character and scenic discovery.

Walk the plotless path. ”We don’t serve plot, plot serves us.” Students learn to focus on “Who” and “Where” so “What” simply appears. Meditations and group mind exercises will help you realize that everything that happens on stage is an obstacle or an opportunity, the choice is yours.

When: Monday, December 1st from 7-10pm.
Where: iO Chicago Theater
How much: $53.00
How many: 14 maximum

Here’s what people are saying about Rich and The Way Of Improv:

“Rich’s workshop was the first to sell out at this year’s festival and is considered a ‘must take’ at any festival he attends.”
- Chris Moody
Detroit Improv Festival

“Rich Talarico is one of the funniest and most inspiring human beings on the planet. As a teacher, his techniques and insights help you to become the best improviser you can be, in a very calm, cool and collected way.”
– Kevin Patrick Robbins
Artistic Director
Impatient Theater Co., Toronto

“Rich is one of those rare people who not only loves to teach, but also wants to learn from his students. His passion and respect for improv as an ever-evolving art form is infectious. Also, he’s a shitload of fun.”
– Amy Rhodes
Student, The Way Of Improv

“After many years of studying and performing improv, Rich’s class was the one that really cleared up my approach to scenework. I left his class feeling confident and having many tools at my disposal to instantly create stronger scenes. The surprising thing is how very simple these ideas are.”
– Steve Halasz
Student, The Way Of Improv

Brainstorming and Pitching Sketch Workshop

With Rich Talarico

An idea is not a sketch. Learn how to conceive and gestate your ideas into undeniable pitches. This class will show you how to wring the most out of that first flash of an idea so that you are able to fully explore all the possibilities available. You’ll also learn how to contribute to other’s ideas in a writer’s room.

When: Tuesday, December 2nd from 12-3pm.
Where: Harold Cabaret iO Chicago
How much: $53.00
How many: 14 maximum


Rich is an Emmy Nominated and Peabody Award Winning writer and Co-Producer for Comedy Central’s KEY & PEELE. Rich is also a staff writer for Comedy Central’s REVIEW WITH FORREST MACNEIL. Previously, Rich wrote for MAD TV, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO. A 22-year improv veteran, Rich studied with Stephen Colbert, Charna Halpern & Del Close. Rich trained & performed at the Second City, Chicago and iO (Improv Olympic), Chicago. Rich has led his ‘The Way Of Improv’ Workshop in San Francisco, Boston, Austin, Toronto, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Chapel Hill, St. Louis, Chicago, Los Angeles & NYC. Rich performs regularly at iO West Theater, Los Angeles and at festivals and theaters all over the US with his improv group DASARISKI.
Register online:
Register over the phone: 312-929-2401
These electives are listed under Session 6, 2014.

Chicago 1501 N Kingsbury St, Chicago IL 60642 - ph:




Improv Talks


On Saturday, October 18, LAIIF is hosting a series of talks on improv at the Downtown Independent. It’ll be like TED Talks, but for improv.

Tickets will be $10 at the door, with all proceeds going toward future LAIIF events.

Join us from 3pm to 6pm for talks from:

Nick Armstrong
Heather Campbell
Neil Flynn
Will Hines
Lucas Neff
Ian Roberts
Rich Talarico
and more!

The Downtown Independent
251 S Main St.
Los Angeles, California

Improv Talks on Facebook.

RT Performing/Teaching OCT 3,4,5 @ The Torch Theatre, Phoenix

 The Torch Theatre proudly presents Rich Talarico performing improv comedy with some of Arizona’s best improvisors on Friday, October 3rd & Saturday, October 4th at 4721 North Central Avenue in Phoenix. Talarico is best known as a writer & co-producer of the Comedy Central sketch show Key & Peele, which recently was nominated for four Emmys and received the prestigious Peabody Award last February.

Rich Talarico will be performing with members of The Torch Theatre’s team of teachers & founders, The Foundation, in the four following shows:

 The Trifecta, Friday, October 3rd at 8:30 PM. $10.

-Talarico, Haldiman, & Shannon with Sam Haldiman and Shane Shannon (along with Torch founding troupe Light Rail Pirates and R-Madillo, a duo fresh from an appearance in last month’s Detroit Improv Festival).

Friday, October 3rd at 10 PM. $10.

Talarico, Arend, Duncan, & Hanlon with Jacque Arend, Mack Duncan, and Stacey Hanlon.

Saturday, October 4th at 8:30 PM. $10.

The Neighborhood with guest monologist Rich Talarico,

Saturday, October 4th at 10 PM. $10. 

Talarico, Binder, Gonzalez, & Miller with Bill Binder, Jose Gonzalez, and Nina Miller.

Award-winning writer also teaching workshops in improv & sketch comedy

Austin Chronicle Interview

Rich Talarico

Key & Peele writer reveals how the comedy sausage is made


 As television comedy writers’ rooms go, few are as gregarious as Key & Peele‘s. Most of the writers have deep improvisational comedy backgrounds, among them Rich Talarico, who notes wryly, “We all have performance experience.” Emergency vehicles should probably be on-call.

Mix that creative insanity with two extremely talented comedy performers, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, and accolades ensue. The four 2014 Emmy nominations include variety series writing and original music and lyrics. The show won a vaunted Peabody Award in February.  (READ MORE)






Back in Austin, this time for the Out Of Bounds Festival.  I’ll be performing with some of The K&P WRITERS:  Rich Talarico (MADtv, SNL, Second City, Dasariski), Colton Dunn (UCB, Boom Chicago, Burning Love, Parks & Rec), Becky Drysdale (Second City, Boom Chicago, Big Gay Sketch Show), Phil Jackson (UCB, Chris Gethard Show) and Charlie Sanders (UCB, Death Valley, Late Night with Conan O’Brien)

And, I’ll also be performing in MO & TELL with Mo Collins.

and don’t miss my improv class “The Way Of Improv”


Comedy Central Launches Improv Sketch Show Based on Viewer Tweets



Six-episode digital series hosted by comedian Paul Scheer

NY Digital Editor@xpangler site-logo_2x_v1Comedy Central is looping fans into a virtual nightclub with short-form digital series “CC: Social Scene,” in which comics perform skits based on suggestions submitted via Twitter.

The six-episode weekly series, hosted by comedian Paul Scheer and directed by Rich Talarico, debuted last week on the Viacom-owned cabler’s YouTube channel and also is distributed via the website, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter.

The “CC: Social Scene” ensemble cast includes Lee Newton, H. Michael Croner, Lilan Bowden, Jacob Womack, Jeff Sloniker and Barak Hardley. The first show revolved around the theme “worst breakup lines,” with others slated to include “what washes up on the beach,” “oddest combos at the BBQ” and “beach hogs,” inspired by beach horror stories.

The “CC: Social Scene” series is sponsored by Redd’s Apple Ale. Users must be 21 and older to participate in the show via Twitter, using the hashtag #CCSocialScene.

The sketch-comedy show is produced by the network’s CC:Studios group, created in January 2013 to develop original comedy content for digital distribution.








★  ★  ★  ★  ★  Good news for a Friday.  Next week I’ll join the writing staff of Comedy Central’s amazing and brilliant “Review.”   I’m really looking forward to working with Andy Daly again.  Also, working with Leo Allen again, H. Michael again, the Blitz Brothers for the first time, all the talented folks there and getting a chance to work with my long time improv and sketch buddy Kevin Dorff!   Kevin and I haven’t worked together since Second City back in 1999…

Psychopath SC

TJ Jagodowski, Stephnie Weir, Rich Talarico, Susan Messing, Kevin Dorff, Tami Sagher.

(1999 The Psychopath Not Taken, The Second City Chicago)